Hi there, I'm Ané

I’ve recently launched Beauty by Ané with my beloved "Glow in a Bottle" Facial Oil as my first product, and it’s been the most wonderful thing to be getting consistently glowing (pun intended😊) feedback about it. Because you just never know when you start something new...

Being a Beauty Entrepreneur alongside my Dating and Relationship Coaching business isn’t something I’ve necessarily planned, but then given my not-so-secret obsession with all things skincare, make-up and beauty related it’s probably not a big surprise either.


When I started experimenting with facial oils a few years back I was at a point where I felt quite overwhelmed with the amount of products gathering in my bathroom cabinets and drawers (not to mention the money spent over the years!) I’ve never had any particular brand loyalty either so just ended up with lots of individual products targeting all sorts of ‘problem areas’. I think ultimately I was looking for some sort miracle product and just never found it.

Also - I just wanted to strip everything back - simplify and start again.

So I started mixing my own combinations of oils at home and had a lot of fun doing that - for the first time ever I noticed a marked difference to my skin - without spending hundreds of pounds on expensive treatments or products.

I knew it worked - it was the game changer in my skincare routine - but I could never find the right consistency, smell or combination I was looking for.

I had 2 particular challenges:

1. I couldn’t find anything light enough, but still effective enough for me to use under my makeup (I have a VERY oily T-zone and my make-up tends to just slide off by mid-morning)
2. I couldn’t find anything intensively hydrating enough that I was happy to go to bed with and not wake up feeling a little oily in the morning.

I wanted BOTH things in the same bottle.
So Ané Beauty and Glow in a Bottle was born.

It took 53 weeks from my first meeting with my lovely UK supplier to bring it to life, and since I don’t have my own babies, this is truly my baby and I was probably every bit as emotional about it when I picked up the first batch.

This little powerhouse is made out of 11 natural plant oils - and it’s absolutely packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, like superfood for your skin. It’s gentle, anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic. Vegan, cruelty-free and also free from lots of other nasties like parabens, mineral oils, silicon , synthetic fragrances, preservatives and GMOs.

Personally I use it day and night and for someone who can be a bit lazy at times with my skincare routine I actually look forward to it, because aside from anything else it also smells absolutely divine - I think I’m a little bit addicted to it now.

And I just love the way it gives me a glowy, dewy canvas for my makeup.

Even Neil, my husband uses it everyday and it’s extended past the point of being just supportive in my new venture... It’s actually the only product he’s ever used consistently since I’ve known him. Apparently it’s fantastic for that baldy head that I love so much...

I love hearing how other women are using it - some mix it into their moisturiser or even their foundation and sunscreen. Other use it on its own. Any combination is possible so if you do want to try it don’t think you have to replace your other products. Just always wear sunscreen as facial oils don’t contain any.

When I first started using oils it was a bit of stop-start thing, and I was a bit worried about using oil on my already oily skin - but it's actually had the opposite effect. My skin is a lot more balanced now.


What’s next?
At the moment I’m working on complementary products that will include a face wash, serum and mask in this capsule Radiance range. I’ll keep you posted so watch this space!