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Flawless Finish Vegan Makeup Brush Set


13 Piece Vegan Makeup Brush Set, Latex-free Beauty Blender + Faux Leather Makeup Brush Holder for safe, convenient storage.

The Ané Flawless Finish Set is all you need to expertly contour, line, detail, buff and blends your way to a flawless look.

The 13-piece handcrafted set is designed to work perfectly with powder, liquid and cream products.

With ergonomic handles, designed for precision and enhanced control, and super-soft bristles, the sleek black and white design bring a touch of luxe to your everyday makeup routine. A beautiful faux leather case looks gorgeous on your dressing table and perfectly protects your brushes when travelling.

Whether you're a Makeup pro, beauty obsessive or complete beginner, you can use the Ané Flawless Finish Set to create and experiment with a versatile range of looks, wherever you are.

Our Five Flawless Promises

- Vegan and Cruelty Free

- Hypoallergenic

- Suitable for sensitive skin

- Super soft

- No shedding

  • It’s recommended that you clean your brushes once a week.

    You will need a small amount of baby shampoo, a gentle face cleaner or makeup brush cleaner

    Run the bristles under lukewarm water and very gently rub to create a light lather. *Do not use hot water or soak your brushes in water - this can damage your brushes.

    Make sure to rinse your brushes thoroughly - until the water runs clear and all pigment is removed

    Air-dry your brushes either by laying them flat on a flannel or towel or standing up in your brush holder


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