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About Ané

Hi There and Welcome! 

My name is Ané, and I’m the Founder and Creator of Beauty by Ané.  

How Beauty by Ané was created

Ané was created at a time when I felt overwhelmed with more and more ingredient and product choices becoming available, no brand loyalty to speak of and half-used bottles and jars spilling out of my bathroom cabinet and shelves - all while I was not seeing any noticeable results in the mirror.

Not to mention the time spent, energy invested, cost and waste of it all! 

This was back in 2016, around my 40th birthday and I remember feeling that my skin was actually going backwards.

I thought I was doing all the right things, but I know now that I was just throwing what I could at the proverbial wall without really understanding what I was doing - and why - and I needed to get a handle on things pretty fast. 

I simply had to start over to finally figure out the right products and routine for me and my changing skin. 

Maybe you can relate?

I stripped it all back and started product by product - narrowing it down to only what I believe to be the essential steps and products that will not just make a visible difference, but that I can use for as long as I live. 

In the process, I discovered face oils (after avoiding them for years for fear of aggravating my overly oily, hormonal breakout-prone skin). 

This led me to the creation of Glow in a Bottle Face Oil - our first product that made a significant and visible difference to my skin. 

Forward to today and my focus is on using the best of both natural sciences and botanical ingredients as well as cutting-edge modern science responsible for some of the highest performing, clinically proven ingredient technologies on the market. 

I confess to being completely ingredient-obsessed. 

I love being able to bring you custom formulations that combine - for example - ancient adaptogenic botanical ingredients with some of the latest peptide developments, biotech and fermentation technologies - all designed to address your skin concerns in the most efficacious, multi-tasking and sensorial formulations. 

For me, this is just the best job in the world!

Seeing yourself age is a privilege; no one would dispute that. 

But we also know that dealing with, and coming to terms with the challenges of changes in your skin and appearance isn't always easy - not for me anyway! 

I don't know about you - maybe you can relate to how quickly some of these changes seem to appear - some days I look in the mirror and feel as if I've aged five or ten years in one. 

We may be at different stages in our lives, but I know so many of us are going through something similar.  And I know that managing our feelings around the changes we see in the mirror isn't always easy. 

It's not just about wanting our skin to age healthy and strong; we also want to look and feel our best for as long as we possibly can - how we get there is up to us and our personal preferences and choices. 

If you’re starting to see your skin is changing but you're not really sure where to start or what to do next I hope the information I share with you will help you make sense of some of what you’re experiencing - and help take some steps to support you through these next stages.  

Midlife Skin Changes - The Most Common Skin Concerns In Our Community

When I'm in the privacy of my own bathroom and I look at my own skin and face in the mirror I think of you doing the same.  

At this stage of life - as we go into, and during Peri and Menopause we know that Midlife Skin Changes can all take their toll on our skin and appearance.

It may manifest itself differently for each and every one of us, but over time I've learned that the most common skin concerns in our community are about 

  • collagen loss, firmness and elasticity
  • complexion concerns around discolouration; rough and uneven texture, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and Melasma 
  • fine lines and wrinkles;
  • compromised skin barrier and skin barrier sensitivities; 
  • redness and Rosacea 
  • hormonal breakouts and overly oily skin 

I can certainly relate to almost all of this too and I use this as the guiding framework for all our formulations and how I approach what I consider to be the most effective skincare routine for Midlife Skin.  

Simplified, Streamlined and Targeted  

I often reflect on Midlife being a time of life when we regularly have more demands on us than ever.  

We're being pulled in all directions - and finding the time and space to truly take care of ourselves can be a challenge. 

Many of us simply don't have the time and/or the inclination to endlessly research products and ingredients and then have 10-step routines to apply it all.  

To support you in this we’re creating a cohesive, streamlined and easy-to-use routine with targeted formulations to help you intentionally, confidently and consistently take charge of your skincare routine and address the common Midlife Skin concerns I outlined above. 

This means: 

  • Science-based
  • Skin-led
  • High-performance
  • Results-driven
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving Efficiency

Confident In Your Skincare Routine 

We also want to help simplify and take the stress out of the often confusing and overwhelming skin care advice out there so that you can be confident in the time and energy you invest in your skincare routine, giving you what you need for strong, healthy and radiant skin. 

Instead of feeling at a loss about what to do and how to take care of your skin, I want you to know exactly what you’re doing, and how - with intention and purpose - making it easy to stay consistent day in and day out. 

More Than Skincare

Ané is becoming more than I could’ve envisioned. 

It’s not just about skincare, and it’s not just about products. 

For me, it’s never been only about the products because good skin and ageing well is the sum of the total of taking care of ourselves inside and out, mentally, physically and emotionally—every day.

Yes, your routine and product and ingredient choices are essential. 

But so are all hours in your day that fit in between your morning and evening routine. 

Ageing is the most natural process in the world, and we all age daily.

We can’t turn back the clock, stop the ageing process or press pause on life. 

And neither do we want to. 

Every stage and age in life is there to celebrate.

And every age, stage and chapter in life brings its own kind of beauty. 

Ten years ago these words may not really have had an impact on me, but now, with each passing year, I'm learning how true this is.  

Our Look Good - Feel Good - Do Good Philosophy

Skincare may not change the world, but if using your Ané products makes you feel a bit brighter, uplifted and more confident in your skin and yourself - and then you go out and change your world - that’s how we can change the world.

This is our "Look Good - Feel Good - Do Good" Philosophy and I hope you'll join us. 

Thank you for being here and for being part of our journey and our story - I can't wait to share more with you!

Warmest wishes,

Ané (Founder)