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Shipping & Delivery

How soon does my package ship after I place an order?

We aim to ship within one working day. If your order is confirmed before 1.30pm on the day, we aim to ship it on the same day. Orders after this time will be posted the next working day.

Where do you ship from?

If you place an order via our website it will be shipped from our warehouse in England. We have a close working relationship with our warehouse team and I regularly visit them myself. They are absolutely lovely and always try their best to ship our orders as quickly as they can. If you order from Amazon UK or Amazon US your order will be shipped from their respective warehouses.

About Ané Products

Where are Ané products manufactured?

Ané products are made by a few different manufacturers in England. Their state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities are some of the best industry. I love working with, and have selected our different manufaturers because of their professionalism, knowledge, skill and dedication to the highest level of service. Our products are in very good hands and we have a very close working relationship.

Do you test on animals?

Animal testing for cosmetics has been illegal in the European Union since 2009.

Can I use Ané products when I'm pregnant?

Our products are formulated to be safe to use during pregnancy. All our products go through the required regulatory safety and compatibility testing procedures using an independent assessor. An exception to this will be our Retinol products that are currently in development, but this would be clearly indicated on the packaging and usage instructions once it is for sale.