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Glow in a Bottle - Face Oil

Your Daily Dose of Glow for Healthy, Radiant Skin. Feel the luxurious drops melt into your skin, leaving you with a beautifully soft finish and lasting glow.

Feather-light, fast-absorbing and restorative blend of selected plant oils to promote moisture retention, support a more resilient skin barrier and bring dull, tired and stressed skin back to life.

It offers skin-boosting nourishment through a powerful combination of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants to strengthen and support a more resilient skin barrier while sealing in moisture for a more supple and radiant complexion.

Light enough to use as a daily moisturiser and hydrating enough to use as a soothing, overnight treatment.

The fast-absorbing and featherlight formula melts into your skin, leaving you with a silky-soft finish - the perfect canvas for your makeup, and even your non-makeup days.

Glow in a Bottle’s beautiful, natural smell derived from plant oils (no synthetic fragrance added) is one of its most loved qualities.

    • Feather-light, fast absorbing formulation, no oily residue left upon application.
    • Leaves skin feeling soft, nourished and cared for.
    • Antioxidant rich plant oils support skin in fighting free radical damage.
    • Seals in moisture and hydration to help prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and help extend the effectiveness of other hydrating and moisturising skincare products.
    • Creates a beautifully soft and hydrated complexion prior to applying makeup.
  • Personally, I use Glow in a Bottle at least once day, most days twice a day (am and pm). I especially love using it underneath my make-up because it does give me that glowy look and velvety, soft feel that I love. It makes a great primer, or I sometimes even mix it in with my foundation.

    After cleansing in the morning and/or evening, apply a thin layer of Glow in a Bottle and blend evenly across the face, neck and décolletage areas. Use on its own, after your serum or underneath your favourite moisturiser.

    You can also blend it with your favourite moisturiser.

    Please remember: Facial oils do not contain any sun protection, so it is important to apply an SPF/sunscreen to avoid sun damage.


  • How soon does my order ship?

    Orders placed before 1.30pm GMT on a working day will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the next working day.

    Is Glow in a Bottle only for my face?

    It was formulated as a face oil, but over time I've heard of so many customers who use it on their hair, massage it into their cuticles or on dry patches like their elbows. It's also very popular for a relaxing facial massage with just hands or a tool like a Gua Sha.

    Is Glow in a Bottle safe to use during pregnancy?

    Glow in a Bottle has been independently assessed to be safe to use during pregnancy. All our products go through the required regulatory safety and compatibility testing procedures using an independent assessor.

    What does Glow in a Bottle smell like?

    This is a little difficult to answer as smell is so subjective, but overall I'd say it's a natural, floral smell with our secret formula combining Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Neroli oils. Our customers love the smell so much that I replicated it in our super popular Cleansing Balm too. It's worth noting that due to the nature of using natural oils there can be slight differences in the colour and exact smell between the batches and harvests that we source from our suppliers, but the core of it is always the same.


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