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3 Pack Double Sided Muslin & Microfibre Face Cleansing Cloths


Easy and Effortless Cleansing - Dual Action Deep Cleanse and Gentle Polish in One Step.

Reveal soft, smooth and glowing skin - perfectly prepared for the next steps in your skincare routine.

We all know that glowing, healthy skin starts with clean skin - and that not properly cleansing regularly can lead to issues such as breakouts, a dull and blotchy complexion and signs of premature ageing. It can also reduce the effectiveness of the follows on products in your routine.

Take your cleansing routine to the next level by using the Ané Double Sided Face Cloths for dual action deep clean and gentle polish - it's like a mini-facial at home every day.

    • Eliminate and remove every last bit of makeup, sunscreen and other product buildup and impurities. Super easy to include in your skincare routine
    • On one side, the 100% organic, textured cotton muslin cleanses pores, gently polishes dull and congested skin and boosts circulation to enhance skin tone
    • On the reverse, the soft and smooth microfibre cloth wipes away makeup and impurities to reveal a brighter, smoother and clearer complexion
    • Gentle cleansing - no tugging, rubbing or scrubbing the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin - use microfibre side around the eye area
    • The multi-pack includes 3 large, washable and reusable cleaning cloths, each with its own handy loop hook for drying
    • Kinder to the environment than daily disposable wipes and cotton wool pads
    • Also brilliant for starter routines, teenage skin, babies and little ones
  • Wet cloth with lukewarm water and wring out the excess.

    For Makeup Removal

    With a damp cloth use the soft microfibre side to gently wipe away your makeup and repeat until it’s gone. You can complete this step with water only, or use a face wash of your choice and wipe it off with the cloth. The microfibre side is suitable for the sensitive eye area.

    For Gentle Polish

    Once your face is cleansed, use the damp cloth’s muslin side to very gently sweep over your face, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Do not rub or scrub or do this more than once a day.

  • How to Care for Your Ané Face Cloths

    - Hand wash in warm water or machine wash 30 - 40°C / 86 - 104°F.

    - Avoid very high temperatures.

    - Do not tumble dry or iron.

    - Air dry only.

    - Avoid using bleach and fabric softener.

    - Wash with similar colours.

  • Will the muslin side be too rough for my sensitive skin?

    Not at all. The muslin side is woven from organic cotton, making it soft and suitable for even sensitive and baby skin. It provides a gentle polish to help improve skin texture without causing irritation. No need to scrub, rub or drag on the skin.

    Can I use these facecloths if I have skin concerns like acne or dryness?

    Absolutely. Our facecloths are versatile and can be used for all skin types and concerns. The dual-sided design allows you to choose the side that best suits your current skin condition or concern at the time.

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