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3 Pack Double Sided Muslin & Microfibre Face Cleansing Cloths

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Supercharge your skin cleansing routine with your Ané Double-sided Cleansing Cloths. 

Gentle on your skin, your wallet and gentler on the environment than wipes and cotton wool pads. 


TO REMOVE MAKEUP:  On one side, the soft and super smooth microfibre cloth wipes away makeup and impurities, buffs skin and reveals a brighter, smoother and clearer complexion. 

TO EXFOLIATE: On the reverse, the textured cotton muslin deep cleanses pores, gently exfoliates and boosts circulation to enhance skin tone. No harsh scrubs and no microbeads in site. 

GENTLE CLEANSING TOOL - no tugging, rubbing or scrubbing the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and around the eye area.  

REUSABLE: much more environmentally friendly than single use wipes and cotton pads 

HANDY LOOP HOOK for hanging to dry in-between uses 

MULTI-PACK:  3 cloths per pack 

LARGE SIZE: 25cm x 25cm when open flat 



Get cloth wet with lukewarm water and wring out the excess. 


With a damp cloth use the soft microfibre side to gently wipe away your makeup and repeat until it’s gone. You can complete this step with water only, or you can use a face wash of your choice and wipe it off the cloth.  The microfibre side is suitable for the sensitive eye area. 

I tend to use my balm cleanser to dissolve makeup and impurities, and then use the microfibre side of the cloth to wipe it all away.  On occasions when I don’t use a balm cleanser I use water only with the cloth. 


Once your face is cleansed, use the damp cloth’s muslin side to very gently sweep over your face, avoiding the sensitive eye area.  Do not rub or scrub or do this more than once a day.

Hand wash in warm water or machine wash 30-40C

Do not tumble dry. Air dry only

Avoid using bleach and fabric softener

Wash with similar colours  

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    Terri M.
    The Best Cleanse Ever!

    I have to agree with the review below - I can't believe I ever thought my face was clean before. I tried just normal flannels in the past, but found them quite harsh and stopped. I'm so glad I tried these - this is the best cleanse you can get. Using the microfibre side to cleanse and then the gentle exfoliation takes my cleansing routine to the next level and I'm definitely seeing the results with my skin being brighter and clearer every day. I've been using them for some weeks now and the quality is excellent. I've also just stocked up for myself, my teenage daughter and quite a few family members and friends will find a set of cloths in their Christmas pressies. Thank you Ané! Ps. I can't wait for your cleansing balm to come out, I'll be one of the first to but for sure.

    Can't live without these cloths

    These Double sided cloths are a Must Have, i dont know how i ever cleaned my face before using these. The Muslin side of the Cloth gently exfoliates my skin removing any impurities and dead skin cells while the Micro Fibre side polishes and leaves my Skin feeling so Clean and soft, I absolutely Love Them my skin has never looked and felt so clean and smooth since i got these, ive recommended them to everyone, and couldnt be without them now. they wash up great and im glad they come in a pack of 3 so im never without them daily, i will be stocking up on these fabulous face cloths....such an amazing product. 5 stars all the way

    You need these

    Incredible double sided cloths, they make removing make up with a balm cleanser so so effortless. I also like to do some targeted exfoliation with the muslin side especially on my blackhead prone areas ! Amazing, I own 9 and have a fresh cloth every day.

    Sarah K.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Really very nice face cloths

    Extremely good face cleansing cloths. Love the double sided different fabric and perfect size as well

    Ute R.
    Germany Germany
    Perfect combination

    The cleansing cloths have the perfect combination of a soft and deep cleansing tool. Best cleansing cloths I have ever purchased.