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Ané Drawstring Makeup Bag

See all your makeup at a glance. No more time wasted with digging and rummaging around in messy large make up bags - or having to take everything out and put it all back again.

Perfect for travelling and makeup on the go. Wherever you go, take your essentials with you and keep your makeup organised and tidy. Two small sip pockets inside for small items and/or change. Flexible fabric will easily fit into suitcases, backpacks and gym bags.

  • Due to the wipeable and washable fabric, the makeup bag can come out of the pack a bit stiff. You can easily rinse it in warm water and it will soften in the process.

    - Wash with dark/similar colours in warm water.

    - Do not tumble dry or iron. Air dry only.

    - Secure velcro strap during the wash and be careful of washing with delicate fabrics so it doesn’t catch.

  • How big is the bag?

    It measures 50cmx 50cm when you lay it open flat. When closed it will mainly depend on how much you have inside, but it can still fit into a large handbag, backpack or suitcase.

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