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Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin : 5 foods that will help your skin look and feel amazing

July 26, 2018 3 min read

On the blog - eat your way to glowing skin

Skincare is about more than choosing fabulous beauty products. It’s about every aspect of your lifestyle. From what you eat and drink to how much sleep you get. 

Your skin is a reflection of how you live and if you’re not treating it right, it’s sure to let you know. 

Dry, dull or inflamed skin and even acne breakouts can let you know that your skin isn’t happy. 

But whatever your skin headaches, your diet can help you along the way back to a gorgeous complexion.

There are two steps to fixing irritating complexion problems: 

  1. The first is to choose a great skincare all-rounder. One that will support your skin whatever life throws at it. We (of course) love Glow in a Bottle, packed with all the natural ingredients your skin needs to feel amazing. 
  2. The second is to take a close look at your water intake and diet. Are you filling your body with the nutrients your skin needs to glow? A skin-focused diet should be packed with healthy fats, unprocessed foods, lean protein sources and plenty of water. If you’re surviving on junk food and caffeine, then you probably don’t have to look very far to find the cause of your problem skin.  

 Ready to get serious about the foods that will help your skin thrive? 

We took a closer look at 5 foods that can help you eat your way to amazing skin. 

1. Salmon 

Salmon is a nutritious skin super-food, packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help to keep skin supple and free of fine lines. It’s also a great source of selenium, a mineral that helps to protect delicate skin from sun damage. If you have skin that has been marked by dryness, eczema or acne then salmon could help to repair lasting damage and scars. This is because it’s filled with vitamin D which plays a vital role in skin regeneration. 

2. Avocados

Avocados aren’t just a tasty breakfast treat, they are a great source of the essential fats your skin needs to stay healthy. They also provide biotin, a vitamin which not only promotes healthier skin but also strong hair and nails. This comes alongside a good dose of vitamin E, which helps to prevent and reduce signs of skin ageing. The amazing thing about avocados is they work nearly as well on the skin as inside it. A mashed avocado with a little olive oil provides a quick and effective face mask.   

3. Almonds

An amazing source of antioxidants, almonds can prevent free radical damage to your skin. This reduces dark spots, wrinkles, and other stubborn signs of ageing. They are also a great source of magnesium which has been shown to help prevent and reduce acne. Packed with protein they help skin cells to renew, keeping your complexion glowing and fresh.  

4. Green Tea

Warm, comforting and a powerhouse of good stuff for your skin, green tea should be high up your list of go-to beverages. It has antioxidant properties, is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce pore size and prevent acne. Sip between one and four cups a day to feel the benefits. 

5. Water  

Last but by no means least is water. The best skin diet in the world will fail if you aren’t properly hydrated.. Your skin, like every part of you, is mostly made of water so it figures that topping up on H2O is key to keeping it looking and performing at its best. Dry skin is also finer and more susceptible to environmental damage and ageing. Proper water consumption helps skin stay firm and healthy while flushing out unwanted toxins and waste products. 

Is your diet supporting your natural glow? Combine great eating with great skincare and reveal your best skin. 

What are some of your best food recommendations for glowing skin? 

Grab your Glow in a Bottle today and discover a scene-stealing complexion.


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