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How to Transform your Cleansing Routine with Double Sided Face Cloths

by Ané Auret 5 min read

How to use Ané face cleansing cloths for clearer, brighter skin

Ané Double Sided Organic Muslin & Microfibre Face Cloths - The Best Of Both Worlds For The Best Face Cleansing Routine

A few words from our lovely customers: 

“A wonder cloth for removing makeup”

“The most wonderful thing I’ve used to wash my face with”

“Don’t know how I cleansed my face before these”

“Like a mini-facial every time you cleanse”

Double-Sided, Dual Action

We already know that cleansing is the most important step in our skin care routine - without a thorough cleanse we don’t get rid of all the product buildup, pollution, sunscreen, dirt and impurities that accumulate though the day, or during the regenerative processes overnight. This can lead to dull skin, premature ageing, clogged pores and breakouts. 

It also means that the rest of our (often more expensive) skincare products will not absorb as well and we won’t get the results we want from our routine.

Using your Ané Double Sided Cleansing Cloth as part of your cleansing routine will get rid of every last bit of dirt, makeup, sunscreen, sebum and buildup  - helping to prepare your skin for the next steps in your routine so that the rest of your products absorb better and work more effectively.

How do we get the best and most effective cleanse possible?

For me it’s all about using an oil based cleanser like our beloved Radiance Reveal Cleansing Balm as a first cleanse at least, but adding a face cloth to your cleansing routine can really make a remarkable difference - whatever type of cleansing product you prefer. Even if you just rinse your face with water.

Noticing the difference using a face cloth makes is often something our customers comment on - especially if it’s the first time they’re including it in their routine.

When we started working on our beloved Radiance Reveal Cleansing Balm I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to include a reusable face cloth with it to enhance the whole experience and help give the most thorough, but still gentle cleanse possible.

After many years of just using my hands to wash my face it was such a joy to rediscover face cloths, and it took me back to being little and being scrubbed up and down with a proper flannel by my mom. The best kind of cleanse there is. I never use the word flannel anymore, but it really holds such lovely memories!

I also went through phases of using face wipes and cotton wool pads with micellar water, but realised that this never cleansed my face properly. 

In the process of finding the best cloth to add to our range I’ve tried so many kinds of fabrics, but kept coming back to these 2:

  1. Organic Muslin Cotton
  2. Microfibre

Both of these give great results when it comes to cleansing, but in a different way. I couldn’t choose between them - so the obvious choice was to combine them in a double-sided face cloth with the benefits that each brings to your cleansing routine.

Truly the best of both worlds - soft, gentle and suitable for all skin types.

About Organic Cotton Muslin

A natural, soft and textured fabric for very gentle exfoliation and wiping away product build-up, dirt and impurities during your cleanse.

For me it forms part of my overall very gentle exfoliating routine alongside my chemical liquid (acid) exfoliant product - a step that is crucial in supporting our skin’s cellular turnover and ensuring soft, smooth skin.

One of the things our customers love is that it has the just right amount of exfoliating that leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth but not “too scrubbed” or “over exfoliated”.

About Microfibre

A soft fabric that attracts and picks up dirt and impurities and give a deeper pore cleanse while wiping away clean. Having the microfibre side on the same cloth is also great for the days that you don’t use the exfoliating muslin side. 

The softness of the cloths gets a big thumbs up from many of our customers too.

What is the point of including a Face Cloth in your Cleansing Routine?

In short - it provides the most through, effective, yet gentle cleanse for your skin, regardless of the product you choose to use with it. 

It’s more effective than just using your hands, face wipes or daily disposable pads - and we know that thoroughly cleansed skin is healthier, more radiant and more receptive to the rest of our skincare products. 

I also love that I can clean into my hairline to make sure everything is removed without getting my hair wet.  

Cleansing effectiveness aside, the fact that it is reusable means it is more environmentally friendly than daily disposable face wipes and cotton wool pads. 

Who it’s for

The Ané Muslin and Microfibre Face Cloths are suitable for everyone, and all skin types. 

It’s a very soft and gentle cloth, and you don’t need to drag, rub or tug your skin to get a thorough cleanse. The microfibre side is suitable for the under eye area, but I wouldn’t advise using the muslin side in that area because the skin is so much more fragile there and doesn’t need that kind of exfoliation.

What has surprised me over time about our face cloths is that there are so many moms who use it for their babies and little ones. 

It’s also a really great starter product for young teenagers who are just starting out their first skincare routine - even if it’s just with water and the face cloth for now. 

One of my favourite recent bits of feedback is when a mom told me that her 17 year old son ordered himself a set on her Amazon account so that they don't have to share and he could have his own.  

I particularly love getting reports of face cloths being ‘stolen’ by boyfriends and husbands too. 

Even though they are face cloths you can also use them for body cleansing and exfoliation - especially before applying self tan.

Plus, they’re the perfect stocking filler or gift, whatever the occasion.

The Practicalities

  • 3 cloths per pack means you always have one to use, one in the cupboard and in one in the wash.
  • Reusable and Washable.
  • Handy loop hook to hang for drying between uses.
  • Comes in a handy, sealable travel pouch.

Personally I use my face cloths both morning and evening and I know I get the best out of my cleansing routine by adding them to the process.

It finishes off the cleansing ritual and experience in a lovely way - it's almost like literally wiping all of the day away and I find it so calming and relaxing.

It's quick and easy, and they are a joy to use - something that’s really important to me with every step in my routine.

Take your cleansing routine to the next level by using the Ané Double Sided Face Cloths with muslin and microfibre for a dual action deep clean and gentle polish - it's like a mini-facial at home every day.



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