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How to Transform your Cleansing Routine with Cleansing Cloths

May 23, 2019 1 min read

How to use Ané face cleansing cloths for clearer, brighter skin

Remove your makeup, cleanse and exfoliate - all in one. 


Glowing skin starts with clean skin. 

Cleansing is simply the most important step in your skincare routine (aside from sunscreen of course), but it really is the cornerstone of a solid and effective daily skincare routine routine. 

Using your Ané Double Sided Cleansing Cloth as part of your cleansing routine will eliminate every last bit of dirt, makeup, sunscreen, sebum and buildup that would otherwise cause breakouts, dull skin and premature ageing - and it also helps your other (often more expensive) products absorb better and work more effectively.  

 Why do I love them so much? 

 1. DUAL ACTION & EFFECTIVE. The dual-action cloth features a BABY SOFT AND SUPER SMOOTH MICROFIBRE side that wipes away makeup and impurities - and a TEXTURED COTTON MUSLIN side that deep cleanses pores, gently exfoliates and boosts circulation to enhance skin tone.  

2. They're GENTLE. I feel really strongly about being GENTLE with our skin, and to still treat it with the same TLC we would treat a baby’s skin.  So it was important to me that these cloths are gentle enough to use without rubbing, tugging or dragging the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and around the eye area. 

3. WASHABLE, REUSABLE and KINDER TO THE ENVIRONMENT THAN WIPES AND COTTON WOOL PADS. They're also super light, dry fast and are easy to travel with. 

4. HANDY LOOP HOOK for hanging to dry in-between uses 

5. MULTI-PACK:  3 cloths per pack 

6. SIZE: 25cm x 25cm when open flat




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