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Ané Exfoliating Tri-Acid Toner with Tranexamic Acid, AHA and BHA

by Ané Auret 9 min read

Ané Exfoliating Tri-Acid Toner with Tranexamic Acid, AHA and BHA

Brighten | Resurface | Refine

The Ané Exfoliating Tri-Acid Toner is the first of 3 key products in our upcoming Core Actives Collection and I'm so excited to introduce it to you. 

What is it? 

An exfoliating acid toner designed to address dullness, discolouration, irregular texture and uneven skin tone. An exfoliating acid toner is also known as a chemical exfoliant as opposed to a physical exfoliant, ie. face scrub. 

Why would you use it? 

In a few words: Cellular Turnover 

As we get older our skin’s natural cellular turnover rate slows down. This is due to natural, external and internal ageing processes, including hormone related skin changes, ie. loss of estrogen during and peri and menopause. This means that new, fresh skin cells forming in the deeper layers below the surface of the skin start to take much longer to reach the surface where it gives us a more fresh, radiant and healthy appearance.  

It also means that there can be a build-up of dead skin, impurities and other debris that can make skin appear dull, lifeless and tired - as well as discoloured with irregular texture and uneven skin tone.   

When we’re younger our skin’s natural exfoliation process process (also called desquamation) is around 28 days, but when we get to our fourties, fifties and sixties it can reach anything up to 56 days depending on our own unique skin, genetics, care and lifestyle. 

This is where using an exfoliating acid toner becomes really useful and it can make a visible difference to the quality, health and appearance of your skin - if it’s used correctly. 

It will support your skin’s cellular turnover process to help loosen and slough away dead surface skin cells and in turn this will reveal fresher, new skin that will appear more uniform and even. It will also help soften irregular texture and skin overall will feel smoother. Overall skin will look and feel more healthy, radiant and glowy. 

One of the best things about this for me personally is the way my skin feels  - with and without makeup - it really makes a visible difference in terms of smoothness and softness and how my foundation looks and feels.  

Is it for you?  

Consistent, gentle exfoliation is a key part of my skincare routine, and if it’s not yet part of yours I definitely recommend it.

If you’re still using harsh face scrubs and you’re starting to feel that your skin doesn’t tolerate it so well any more this could also a really good option for you. 

If you’ve started to notice that your skin is looking a bit more dull and tired, maybe feeling a bit bumpy in places and the texture is starting to look more irregular with larger pores and fine lines and wrinkles, as well as increased discolouration and blemishes - then this may be a useful addition to your skincare routine. 

- For First Time Users 

If you’re a first time acid toner user, this is a really great product to start with.  I know it may sound a little harsh to put an 'acid' on your face, but I assure you skincare acids, including exfoliating acid products like this one can have a transformative effect on your skin. 

There are different types of acids that target different skin concerns, but we've taken the guess work out of the picture for you so that you don't have to spend ages figuring it all out, and we've worked to create a formula that will be gentle and effective without compromising your skin barrier. 

Below this blog you'll find some top tips for first time and new exfoliating acid users, but if you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or social media. 

- For More Experienced Users 

If you’re used to stronger acid toner products this is also a great options should you want to take a break and use something a bit more gentle, yet still powerful.  

I’ve always loved a good face scrub until I started feeling that my skin just didn’t tolerate it as well any more. After trying several options on the market I’ve since moved on to only using the Ané Exfoliating Tri-Acid Toner and our double sided face cloths (with one muslin side) as my exfoliating routine. I find that this (alongside a regular Retinoid) this is what my skin is happiest with in terms of exfoliation and cellular turnover support.  

* Your Retinoid product isn’t an exfoliant per se, but it also supports the cellular turnover process so together they are a very good combination to have in your routine, even though you wouldn’t use them at the same time in the same am/pm routine, that would be too much and could cause damage to your skin barrier. 

*Safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding. 

Who is it not for? 

Do not use on open, infected and / or inflamed skin. Please be careful with known sensitivities and Rosacea. 

About the Formula - A Little 'Behind The Scenes' 

Less product and more functionality is definitely my preference when it comes to my own skincare routine - and I knew from the beginning that I wanted this to be a multi-functional product that would do more than the task of just being a chemical exfoliant. 

When I started thinking about the product and what I wanted from it these are some of the key points that I included in the product specification outline that guided ingredient choices and formulation. 

The Main Aim: To support cellular turnover in order to help address dullness, discolouration, irregular texture and uneven skin tone for a visible improvement in overall complexion; 

Ingredient and Formulation Criteria  

  • Gentle exfoliation through AHAs. 
  • Help prevent breakouts and blemishes (BHA).
  • Low enough pH to be efficacious as a chemical exfoliant / acid toner, but also a gentle enough product to care for ageing and changing skin - and not compromise the skin barrier in the process. 
  • Not strip the skin; not leaving skin feeling tight or dry, or looking flaky as can so often be the case. 
  • Support, nourish and hydrate the skin barrier 
  • Help to inhibit the processes that cause discolouration and pigmentation and therefore have a more preventative component in terms of future skin damage.   
  • Antioxidant rich formulation to help protect against free radical damage.
  • Able to use long term.
  • Easy to use, leave-on product; easy to slot into a new and / or existing routine. 
  • Softer, smoother, healthier looking skin ; a visible difference with consistent use. 
  • Gentle and suitable for all skin types. 

What is in it and how does it work? 

5% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Betaine Salicylate (BHA) gently loosen and slough away dead skin cells, support cellular turnover and help prevent congestion.

2% Tranexamic Acid works alongside the anti-inflammatory amino acid sequence of Tetrapeptide-30 to help inhibit the pigmentation process through reducing tyrosinase, inhibiting melanocyte activation and supporting cellular turnover to diminish the appearance of dark spots and imperfections for a more even skin tone.

Skin-identical Glycerine and Sodium PCA boost hydration and skin barrier protection while our unique, antioxidant rich Ané Adaptogen Plant Complex soothes, protects and nourishes for an overall brighter, smoother and softer complexion and texture.

Benefits of including the Ané Exfoliating Tri-Acid Toner in your skincare routine 

  • Consistent, gentle exfoliation supports cellular turnover and help prevent congestion and build up of impurities and dead skin that may cause breakouts and blemishes.
  • Carefully formulated to support the skin barrier and gently exfoliate without leaving skin feeling stripped and dry. Skin feels and appears softer and smoother.
  • With consistent use skin appears brighter overall with a more balanced and uniform tone for a revitalised, refreshed and re-energised complexion. 
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative protection against free radical damage. 
  • Non-drying formulation supports healthy barrier function and prevents dryness and tightness. 
  • Helps to disrupt the chemical pathways that cause hyperpigmentation through inhibition of tyrosinase and melanin transfer. 
  • Through removing buildup of dead skin, debris and impurities it helps to enhance absorption and extend the efficacy of other skincare products products in your skincare routine. 
  • Easy to use and incorporate in a new or existing skincare routine. Ideal for first time acid toner and liquid exfoliant users, as well as for taking a break from stronger products, but still wanting the benefits of an acid toner in your routine. 
  • Gentle and suitable for all skin types.

What does it look like? 

Out of the bottle it looks like water and has a water thin, feather light consistency. 

What does it smell like? 

A fairly nondescript smell. Unscented. No natural or synthetic fragrance added. 

For any more questions you may have and other product details please check out the Product page and the FAQ section. 

How to use Ané Exfoliating Tri-Acid Toner: 

Use between 1-4 times a week as the first step after cleansing, before serum/moisturising. Saturate a cotton wool pad and gently apply all over face and décolletage. Avoid the eye area.  

Can be used am/pm. If used am, always follow with sun protection. See Sunburn Alert below.  

Caution: Patch test before regular use is advised. Increase use slowly if new to acid exfoliation to give skin time to adjust. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. External use only. Keep out of reach of children.  Do not use on open or inflamed skin. 

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. 


How long does it last?

This will depend entirely on how often you use it, and how much product you use at a time. With 1-2 times a week, it could last up to 6 months or more.

Do I need to rinse it off?

No, this is a leave-on product. No need to rinse.

How long does it take to work?

It's possible that you could experience an immediate perceived effect with skin feeling softer and smoother after the very first use, but this is really a long term part of your routine and you will see best results with consistent use. Your skin is consistently and constantly renewing itself and supporting these natural processes will lead to better results as part of your overall routine. The level of consistency you prefer and how many times a week you prefer to use is of course up to what works best for you so give yourself time to see what that is.

I’m new to acids - where do I start?

Acid toners are a great way to support your skin’s cellular turnover and address dullness, discolouration and fine lines and wrinkles - but we also always want to make sure not to compromise or cause harm to our skin barrier in the first place.

This kind of product is inherently designed to disturb your skin barrier (acid mantle) slightly so it can loosen the bonds between dead skin cells and support the exfoliation and cellular processes, but it shouldn’t compromise your skin barrier or leave your skin feeling dry and tight in the process.

Just start very slow on a chosen area on your face, ie. jawline. Wait a few days and apply it to a few more areas or your whole face if you feel happy to do so. You can then wait another few days to see how your skin responds and work out what kind of routine will work for you. I've built up to using it 3-4 times a week now and that's optimal for me. I'd never advocate exfoliating daily, especially if you also use a Retinol product in your routine.

A few things to remember before starting:
- do not use in the same routine as other Retinoid products, especially prescription Retinoids.
- do not use it in the same routine as another exfoliant or a physical scrub.
- start slowly and build up over time depending on how your skin responds
- just because it's gentle don’t underestimate the strength of the product and find yourself overdoing it

Can I use it in the morning or only at night?

This is an ideal night-time product as the AHAs in it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, but also because it’s a great opportunity for the product to do what it’s been formulated to do in terms of exfoliation and supporting cellular turnover - without other layers of product, makeup, sunscreen and pollutants piling on top during the day. Plus you’ll wake up with beautifully soft skin the next day. However, saying all that - I sometimes love using it in the morning under my makeup or before I go out at night as I find it makes my skin lovely and smooth before applying foundation. As long as you’re wearing your broad spectrum sunscreen and protect your skin however you can during the day it is possible to use it during the day as well. The more you use it the more you will find what works best for you - just listen to your skin.

Can I use my hands to apply it?

I advise applying the product with a cotton wool pad, but I aslo know some testers have preferred just using their hands to apply. It's really just about how you prefer to use it and how you feel you get the best results from it. I personally prefer the cotton wool route as I feel I can work it into my skin more.

What does it smell like?

A non-descript smell. Unscented, no synthetic or natural/essential oil fragrance added.

Will it dry out my skin?

We’ve specifically formulated this product with skin-identical hydrators Glycerine and Sodium PCA, as well as our soothing Adaptogen Plant Complex to avoid the skin becoming dry or flaky as a result of using this product. It's also important to follow with your usual moisturiser.

Does it sting?

It’s been formulated to be gentle, hydrating and supportive to the skin, but you may experience a slight tingle - especially if it’s the first time you’re using an acid product. If you do experience any tingling it should only be gentle and should settle as your skin gets used to an acid product. The key is to start slow and build up slowly, don’t be tempted to overdo it.

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