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7 Ways To Manage Stay-Home Stress During Self Isolation

by Ané Auret 3 min read

7 Ways To Manage Stay-Home Stress During Self Isolation




Ep. 62 : 7 Ways To Manage Stay-Home Stress 

Hi there, and welcome to The Glow Show!

In this episode we're talking about 7 ways to deal with, and help minimise stay-home stress, take care of ourselves and look after own mental health while we support our families and the people around us, even if it’s from a distance.

When I planned this topic initially it was going to be about the effects of stress on our skin specifically - and then ways to minimise stress and in the process also help our skin.

What I didn’t know at the time of course, was that we would soon find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic with the whole world fighting against this invisible enemy, the corona virus.

Life is looking so very different for us in so many different ways right now, and we're all dealing with our own situations in our own ways.  

None of us have ever experienced anything like this. There is no rule book.  

And never has it been more important to take care of ourselves and ground ourselves in what makes most sense to us on a daily basis - so we can stay strong amongst the unpredictability and the uncertainty. 

As I’m recording this we’re entering the 3rd week of lockdown here in the UK, and I’ve had plenty of time to reflect, and actually observe myself to see what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to dealing with my own mental & physical health. 

I believe it's the small things we do, day in and day out that will keep us going. That will make the biggest difference in the long run.  

In this episode, we discuss…

[03:23] Life During COVID-19
[12:46] Proactively and Intentionally Take Care of Yourself
[16:43] The Importance of Exercise
[20:55] Meditation & Guided Hypnosis 
[22:47] Breathe
[24:08] Boundaries for your mind, heart and head space
[28:28] Feeling the Way You Feel
[36:07] Reaching Out 
[38:39] Closing Thoughts


Please be kind to yourself. Not everything has to make sense right now.

Stay strong, keep safe and keep going.

One day at a time. 



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