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How To Build A Meaningful Self Care Routine - with Jess, A Brunette Edit

by Ané Auret 4 min read

How To Build A Meaningful Self Care Routine - with Jess, A Brunette Edit





My very special guest today is Jess, a Lifestyle & Skincare Blogger known as A Brunette Edit on her blog, and @brunetteedit on Instagram.  

Jess is a mid 30’s mum, step mum, wife, social worker and lover of all things beauty related! She rediscovered her passion for beauty whilst going through a tricky period in her  life in her 30’s where beauty became integral to rediscovering herself as a person and moving self care up as a priority. 

She loves the escape that beauty can give you, if only for a few minutes and everything in between. Give her a bathroom full of cleansers to play with and she’s very happy! I can certainly relate to that. 

Jess is a true believer in the power of a bright lip, a bit of concealer and a spritz of your favourite perfume to lift even the greyest of days! Most of all though she’s passionate about beauty being more than surface level. 

And that’s what this episode is all about -- the kind of beauty that extends beyond the mirror and products; what self care really means and ways to make it part of your life in a meaningful way. 

Jess and I crossed virtual paths on Instagram - which is not really surprising given our shared love for all things beauty and skincare - but what we really connected around was our shared views and philosophy on beauty; what it really means in our lives - and what it has meant during various stages of our lives.   

I absolutely loved our conversation and getting Jess’s insights on beauty  - from different points of view as a consumer, influencer and mom; the conversations we have with ourselves in the mirror; the battle we have with our own thoughts sometimes - as well as with our children about all things beauty and the way we see ourselves.  She also shares with us some of her favourite products, practices and routines. 

Make sure to check out Jess’s blog and Instagram’s account for super straightforward product recommendations and skincare advice and tips and just overall life loveliness, often broadcasted from The Pod - but you’ll have to check out her Instagram account to see what I mean! 

Join me and Jess as we uncover the real meaning of beauty beyond products and how loving beauty is not a selfish act, but a form of self-love. 

More of what we talk about

  • How Jess got started with her Beauty & Skincare Blog and Social Media Content Creator and Influencer journey on Instagram @abrunetteedit 
  • What Beauty really means to her on a day-to-day basis 
  • How she rediscovered her love for beauty and self care and what it really means to her on a day-to-day basis 
  • One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Beauty 
  • 2 of the most important components of Self Care - choice and consistency/investment 
  • The conversations we have with ourselves in the mirror 
  • Conversations about beauty and self care with our children 
  • How Beauty can impact the way we feel about ourselves whatever age we are 
  • Creating rituals you love and look forward to using instead of a routine that’s a chore to get done 
  • The kind of products Jess prefer to build a skincare routine she loves 
  • Key steps to building a Self Care routine that works for you 
  • Key steps to start building a Skincare routine from scratch 
  • Desert island product and best non-product relation skincare advice 

Connect with Jess on Social Media 

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Products Mentioned

  • Radiance Reveal Cleansing Balm
  • A makeup melting, deep cleansing and nourishing cleansing balm that reveals soft, smooth and glowing skin - perfectly prepared for the next steps in your routine. Carefully formulated with a blend of thirteen nutrient-rich plant oils, the cleanser removes surface makeup and grime and then sets to work to clarify, clean and decongest skin deep down - without leaving it feeling dry or stripped of moisture.

    Available Here

  • Jess's Dessert Island product:  Origins Ginzing SPF 40

  • Hydrate, energise, perfect & protect. A multi-tasker with Caffeine from Coffee Beans and Panax Ginseng instantly boosts moisture & energy levels. 

    Read Jess' product review here

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